About the Union Vinicole du Liban

The UVL was founded in 1997, one year after Lebanon joined the Office International de la Vigne et du vin (OIV).

The objective of the UVL is to consolidate and build on Lebanon’s image as  a wine producing country by highlighting its proud history and promoting its potential. 

The UVL gives a voice to Lebanon’s wine producers, brings them together in one harmonized entity and defends their interests. 

It has developed legitimacy for Lebanon’s export ambitions within the EU and other international markets such as the US and Canada. 

The UVL successfully lobbied for a new wine law which was passed in 2000 and is lobbying for a formation of a National Wine Institute.

Campaign Members

The following wineries are members of the UVL and are participating in this campaign in the UK.

Winery UK Distributor
Chateau Ka Alliance Wines www.alliancewine.co.uk
Chateau Kefraya                  Transitional phase
Chateau Ksara Hallgarten Druitt www.hallgartendruitt.co.uk
Chateau Musar Chateau Musar UK www.chateaumusar.co.uk
Chateau St Thomas                  Lebanese Fine Wines www.lebanesefinewines.com
Domaine des Tourelles Boutinot www.boutinot.com
Karam Winery Kingswood Wines www.kingswoodwines.co.uk
Ixsir Enotria www.enotria.co.uk